Lamination/Sleeking with MIYACOH

Our digital finishing solutions allow our customers to easily, quickly and cost-effectively add value to a variety of applications such as cards, brochures, menus and invitations, with features such as lamination, laminating, foil printing and soft-touch overprinting. Transform your printing projects with our innovative technology.

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/Sleeking with GMP

Printers, copy shops and advertising agencies, studios, international organisations, schools, universities, commercial enterprises - wherever valuable images and messages, prints and bindings, documents and reproductions need to be made brighter and more durable, documents can be protected with GMP laminators and GMP films. There is a wide range of products to meet even the most specific requirements!

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UV & Aqueous (Water-base) Lakeren/Coating

Our range of UV and Aqueous coaters represents an innovative and effective solution for printers with digital presses looking to protect and embellish their printed documents. These coaters offer a high-quality alternative to the plastic traditionally used by laminators, guaranteeing an exceptional finish while eliminating the environmental footprint associated with plastic. UV coaters provide robust protection against wear and tear while adding a brilliant gloss to prints, while aqueous versions allow the use of water-based coatings, meeting the growing demand for environmentally-friendly printing. By opting for our coaters, printers can not only improve the quality of their finished products, but also actively contribute to the sustainability of their operations.

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Sleeking 3D met Bagel

BAGEL machines are a solid steel construction with top-level hardware, electronic components and calendering treatments. The result with BAGEL will lead you through a fast learning curve to the best performance.  

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