Miyacoh AirJogger UJ-600AS

The UJ-600AS Air Jogger is a must-have in digital print shops. Jog uneven paper stacks with rapid speed and reduce static between the sheets before loading them into your collator, sheet feeder, or digital finisher. Jogging helps align the edges of the sheets prior to finishing and prevent errors such as miss or double feeding.

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Easy sheets alignment prior to printing and finishing

Ionized Air Blower With Adjustable Air Strength

Hands-Free or Foot Pedal Operation

Compact Size And Great Portability

Miyacoh DocuBand UB-240 
Banding Machine

Bundle finished pieces such as business cards, postcards, and brochures with the UP-240 Desktop Banding Machine. The Bander wraps a strip of kraft paper or film around the bundle, providing the same security, but at a lower cost, than a box or bag. The UP-240 can be placed near your finishing machine for an efficient finishing and packaging operation. As soon as pieces are finished and stacked, collect them and place them directly onto the UP-240. The sensor will detect the bundle and automatically wrap a band around it. It’s packaging made easy!

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Use Kraft Brown Paper Or Transparent Films

Ideally Located By The Card Cutting Machine

Business Cards. Invitations. Menus. Wedding Cards.  

Ideal For Batches Of Cards Production

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