Create super strong, impressive books and documents in 15 seconds or less. Anyone can operate the 20 with its intuitive one-touch button. Bind 10-700 page documents with minimal, space-saving supply inventory. The Fastback 20 is the binder your office has been looking for.



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Super easy, one-touch button

Handling and producing bound books is as simple as pressing a single button. That's all there is to it. It's that simple!

Super strong, lay flat binding

The Super Strip is a mighty, multi-purpose binding strip capable of strong tape binding in less than 15 seconds. Use the Super Strip to quickly bind bind documents or to make hardcover books.

Binds thin to thick documents from 10-700 pages

The FB20 also makes it easy to bind documents or reports containing up to 350 sheets.

Instructional LCD display

The operator has to follow the step-by-step instructions, clearly indicated on the interactive LCD screen.


Create powerful impressions with beautifully bound documents and books. The Powis Fastback 9 is easy and intuitive to operate. This small yet mighty machine will serve you admirably.

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 This space-saving small binder fits about anywhere!

Available in a Comp & Buckram finish , the LX strips use the same thermal adhesive technology as Fastback’s Super Strip.

Binds thin to thick documents from 10-500 pages (or up to 250 sheets)

With LX Strip, you are assured of good, strong binding results every time.

Binds in less than 40 seconds

This small, space-saving binder can be placed anywhere in your office. Everyone knows how to use the FB9. It's so simple and practical.

Pages remain flat

Thanks to the gluing technique, once bound, the documents will lie completely flat.

Full of colours

Fastback offers 15+ strip colors.

Super strong!

Fastback bound documents can withstand more than 23 kg of pull.

Faster Binding

The Fastback 20 binds 3.5x faster than competitive binding systems.


colour matching

The Pantone Color Matching System enables you to select a true color for your binding strip.

Perfectback strips

Our line of Perfectback strips enable you to do short runs of perfect bound books, quickly and easily.


Fastback Binding Strip delivers true lay-flat documents, presentations and books.

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