Ultra PrintFlood 1000A (UV/AQ)

With the Ultra 1000 series coating machines, you can turn your prints into vibrant, inspiring communication tools by improving their durability, overall look and quality. The range includes the Ultra 1000A High Capacity, Ultra 1000A Duplex, Ultra 1000A Duplex Ready and Ultra 1000Ai Online model specifically for the HP Indigo 12000 digital press..

Format: B2+ (Long edge - 750 mm width), up to 45 meter/min, UV version or AQ version (waterbase) 

Ultra PrintFlood 300A (UV/AQ)

The Ultra 300 series is a UV coating solution that increases the value and vibrancy of printed pieces. The machine enables printing and varnishing in a single operation. The range includes the Ultra 300A standard, Ultra 300A High Capacity, Ultra 300A Duplex, Ultra 300A Duplex Ready and Ultra 300i On-line model especially for HP Indigo digital 7900 presses. 

Format: B2+ (short edge-  530mm width) , up to 45 meter/min, UV version or AQ version (waterbase)

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From Pallet-To-Pallet

Productivity is always high as printed sheets can be run immediately from the pallet coming from the printing press.

Unique "Auto-Gap" Technology

This feature is unique for the Ultra range. It helps preventing smeering at the back of the sheets making duplexing easy and straightforward.

B2 Long-Edge Format Full flood coating

The PrintFlood 1000A is able to handle B2 long-edge paper format. It does improve productivity by 30%.

On-Line Compatibility With Digital Presses

Our coating systems can be easily connected online to digital printing presses such as HP Indigo, Konika Minolta, Xerox and many more...

Ultra PrintFlood 200PRO (UV)

The Ultra 200PRO UV Coaters are heavy-duty yet easy to use and apply high-quality glossy, satin, matt finishes to a wide range of offset, inkjet, digitally printed applications and packaging media. The range includes the Ultra 20PRO standard, Ultra 200PRO High Capacity, Ultra 200PRO Duplex, Ultra 200PRO Duplex Ready. 

Format: B2 (short edge -  500mm width, up to 34 meter/min, UV version

Ultra PrintFlood 100PRO (UV/AQ)

The Ultra 100PRO series offers an excellent entry-level solution for digital printers looking to enter the coating market. It is highly appreciated in the market for its ease of use, versatility and great value for money.

Format: B3+ (short edge - 356 mm breed), up to  13 meter/min, UV version or AQ version (waterbase)

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Greener Alternatives To Plastic Lamination

In today's printing environment, print providers are looking for ecological way of protecting prints. Aqueous coating offers the most ecological alternative to plastic.

Automatic Paper Thickness Adjustment

A busy printer needs a flexible machine which will allow fast turnaround and paper change.

Optional Duplexing Options With A "Flipper"  

All Ultra configurations can be easily upgraded to allow recto/verso coating in one pass.

Gloss, Matte, Satin, Soft-Touch Coating & Priming

Protect. Enhance. Prime. A large variety of coating can be achieved.

Waarom uw prints coaten?

Improve sustainability

Avoid scratching or scuffing

Resistant to fingerprints and stains

Enhance overall appearance and improve print density

Better protect sensitive printed sheets

Sheet priming

Online or/and offline connections

Our range of coaters is available both offline and online. Some of our solutions can be connected inline to digital presses, including the HP Indigo 7900 and 12000 series. They can be easily connected with a bridge that acts as an interface between the digital press and the coater. It is also possible to replace the bridge connection with the feeder to produce your applications without using the press.

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Duplex Possibilities.

Our systems are modular and scalable. They can be upgraded with high-capacity feeders and stackers and with duplex coating configurations.

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