Miyacoh FoilCoater DC-30

The DC-30 Foil/Laminator/Dry-coat adds value to digitally-printed output on a budget. Ideal for short runs and variable data jobs, the DC-30 can be used to apply toner or polymer-based foil as well as single-sided lamination for an enhanced finish. It is capable to go from lamination to metallic foiling in a few minutes, thanks for the unique 'Plug & Roll' technology.

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Up To SR3 Format

With a super-fast warm-up time of 3 to 4 minutes, the FoilCoater DC-30 will be quickly ready to run all paper substrates up to SRA3 format.

Quick and Efficient

Simplify and automate the production of many application is key in today's active printrooms

Built-in Suction Feeder

The FoilCoater DC-30 can be left unattended ensuring reliable and non-stop production thanks to the air-suction feeder.invoersysteem.De.

LCD Touchscreen For Easy Programming

Distinct and practical embellishment capabilities including metallic foiling, spot& full-gloss coating and laminating: 4in1 machine.

Miyacoh FoilCoater DC-2

The DC-2 offers the flexibility to dry coat or metallic foil, digitally-printed applications with ease and simplicity. For dry coating, DC-2 utilizes thermal roller and heat control system to apply the film over the sheet. For toner foiling, the DC-2 applies adhesive foil anywhere black toner is printed without the use of dies. It can transform any prints into great communication with metallic colours!

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"Plug & Roll" Technology

The unique heating system will ensure consistent foil quality with no adjustment required.

A Wide Range Of Application Possible

The ability to enhance many structured, black, metallic, transparent, offset, silk, recycled, specialty paper substrates with metallic and vibrant foling colours.

Tool-Less Usage

The tool-free Easyroll system allow the fastest and quickest change of rolls in the market!

Optional Friction Feeder

The FoilCoater DC-2 can be upgraded with a friction feeder for more automation in busy workshop.

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